Board Rosters

As part of your HANYS member benefit, you have access to HTNYS’ information. We encourage you to provide HTNYS your up-to-date hospital or health system board roster to ensure that your board members receive timely and appropriate information.

HTNYS is now calling for all 2020 board rosters.

Benefits of providing your board roster

By providing your current board roster, your board members will:

  • stay apprised of key advocacy and policy issues;
  • get information about our regional programs and our Annual Trustee Conference;
  • get access to valuable resources on topics such as conflict of interest, board orientation, and board diversion, inclusion and cultural competency;
  • and much more!

How to submit your board information

To best meet the needs of your board, we ask that you submit the following:

  • board members - please only send us their names and email addresses;
  • board terms;
  • board officers;
  • board governance structure; and
  • board communication preferences.

HTNYS does not share our database information with any outside organizations. We only send trustees the most appropriate information to meet their advocacy and educational needs. Please note that your CEO is included on all HTNYS emails.

Please submit your board information by emailing Kristen Phillips, director of trustee education, at


Please contact Kristen Phillips, at 518.431.7713.