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Passing the Torch: Recruiting the Right Trustees for Leadership Success (Level 201)

What will your board look like in ten years? The answer should be, "very different from today", in order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing and unpredictable healthcare environment. Today's trustees are responsible for shaping tomorrow's board and to accomplish that, you'll need a governance succession plan. Larry Walker takes you through the steps to identify, assess, and successfully recruit the right trustees to meet your board's leadership needs today, and for the future.

Fiduciary Fitness

Presented by Larry Walker

Trustees are held to an even higher standard of accountability in these times of greater transparency and heightened government and public scrutiny.  We examine the fiduciary fundamentals of the trustee’s oversight role—the duties of care, loyalty and obedience—and review the ways in which those duties are carried out. 

Evidence-based Practices of High Performing Governing Boards

Presented by Larry Walker

Discusses key leading practices trustees need to implement to advance board capabilities and “move the needle” from good to great governance, including the importance of fiduciary fitness, building a board “Culture of Discovery”, and being a macro leader instead of a micromanager.